The history of the 8 bit Industry in the UK (Experimental)
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Site Updates: Welcome ZXSoftware.co.uk Version 2
Posted on 22-02-08 by ADJB

Welcome to Version 2 of ZXSoftware.

Release Date 20/4/2008

Site Updates: Gallery update and books added
Posted on 20.08.2008 by ADJB
Site gallery gets some eye candy, lots of books added.

Site Updates: More gallery updates
Posted on 09.10.2008 by ADJB
Added -

Sinclair Publicity Photographs
BBC Publicity Photograpths
6 New Format Magazines
13 New QL Books
21 New Spectrum Books
10 New ZX81 Books

Site Updates: More Book and Magazine updates
Posted on 01.09.2008 by ADJB
A new lot of books and Magazines added to the gallery including a full collection of RISC User. 291 new additions.

Welcome to Version 2 of ZXSoftware.

The site has now extended far beyond my Sinclair collection and now includes all the formats in my collection.

What’s new ?

Everything on the right side menu is now up to date, software and hardware. Details may not be complete yet. This is WIP.

My magazines are now indexed with cover scans available in the gallery or via the direct link in the right side menu. These cover 1982 to date roughly.

This is an archive of my own collection I am always interested in acquiring new Sinclair programs not listed here. Also individual titles may be missing something like a cover scan where I have only got the cassette and not the inlay. In these cases I would greatly appreciate a complete copy of the program. If you want to contact me then just mail adjb@zxsoftware.co.uk

ZXSoftware is proud to be associated with the following Sinclair Preservation Sites and recommends you pay them a visit.

The World of Spectrum

The TZX Vault

The Tipshop


Andy's ZX Spectrum Pages

The Preservation Team Shop

ZXSoftware.co.uk is also the home to the Preservation Team Shop where we sell spare tapes at very reasonable prices. Click on the Logo below to pay us a visit.


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