The history of the 8 bit Industry in the UK (Experimental)
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Sinclair Publicity Photograpths

Title Publisher Genre Release Date
Videopac 01 - Race, Spin-Out, Cryptogram Philips  
Videopac 07 Philips  
Videopac 10 Philips  
Videopac 11 - Cosmic Conflict Philips  
Videopac 22 - Space Monster Philips  
Videopac 34 - Satellite Attack Philips  
Videopac 35 - Electronic Billiards Philips  
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Acorn / BBC Publicity Photograpths
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 Gameboy Color
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 Sega Saturn
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 Vic 20
 Xbox 360
 ZX81 16K
 ZX81 1K

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